Munay is the Andean principle that is understood as unconditional and reciprocal love, it is based in 3 pilars: munay to oneself, to all livin beings and to pachamama (mother earth).


Sacred incense from the north coast of Peru, is currently a plant considered in CITES extinguishing list, that is why we work only with wood obtained from natural drying and with forest management plans. It has an indescribable and spiritual aroma, we have chopsticks, oil and incense.


Tobacco is considered in traditional Amazonian medicine as the master plant of first importance. There is a hierarchy within the master plants, the Tobacco is considered as the father and the Ayahuasca as the mother.

and embroidery

Handlooms, blankets and handbags embroidered and hand painted by artisans shipibo-conibo,which is an Amazonian ethnic group in the city of Pucallpa-Peru. The embroidered geometric patterns are obtained in visions in ayahuasca ceremonies, they are original and beautiful works of art.


Magic stones or Khuyas of Andean Reiki. The use of these stones belongs to the Andean shaman since the Inca period. They work with the opening of the ñawis or chakras and their structural energy. They are energetic stones worked in Alabaster and Meteorite brought from the apus in Cuzco-Peru.


Peruvian pipes worked with the best quality of wood and stone carved by hand. The artisans who dedicate themselves to this work use the techniques of their ancestors of the Amazonian zone (ayahuasqueros) and Andina (q’eros). The shamans in Peru use these pipes to smoke the native tobacco or mapacho in their ceremonies.


Safes, cups, necklaces and sacred articles made by hand. The artisan asks permission to the sacred ayahuasca plant in a shamanic ceremony to be able to work with her. A bark of cultivated ayahuasca is used, not of the Amazonian forest, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of the species.


Munayki means love in quechua. Our project was born with a mission to promote a worldview traditional of the Andean-Amazonian region, which views nature as a"living being",we would like to share this magical worldview of the shamanic practice of “Ayahuasca”and “San Pedro”, and we would like to share messages of wisdom and love with other spiritual beings in the world.

Our products are for the well-being of the body and soul, and are based on traditional indigenous knowledge, which are so necessary in today's unstable and stressful world, where the forces of our alternative world, can contribute significantly to improving the quality of life and general welfare for all.

All our products are of a high quality and are the direct work of our producers, and they are all offered with love and with a firm commitment to the protection of the ecosystems within these regions, we guarantee fair trade in our organic practices.